Our Services

BCA PE, RE, RTO Consultancy

Provide BCA QSS, PE, RTO, RE service, see https://www.lem.com.sg/bca for details.

LTA PE Assignee Consultancy

Provide LTA PE ASSIGNEE service, see https://www.lem.com.sg/lta for detail.

SCDF FSM Consultancy

Provide SCDF FSM service, see https://www.lem.com.sg/scdf for details.

IMDA Lincensed Cable Detection Works

We are IMDA licensed TCDW to provide cable detection

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

We provide MT-Magnetic Particle Testing as per ASTM E709,ASTM E1444, ASTM 3024

Off-shore Helicdeck Consultancy, Survey, Testing and Inspection (CAP 437, ICAO Annex 14, IAA)

We provide accredited helicopter consultancy, inspection, survey. We are experiened helidech testing agency. Our specialist programmes include landing deck (friction test) and perimeter safety net (drop test), can be conducted in accrediated laboratories, or off-shore using our properitory eqiupment. All the works shall confiorm to according to lCAP 437: Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas and ICAO Annex 14 Volume 2. Our services include H01L) Laboratory Friction Test H02L) Labortory Drop Test H03O) Off-shore Friction Test H04O) Off-shore Drop Test H05IAA) Helidek Inspection (IAA) H06CAP) Helideck Inspection (CAP 437) H07ICAO) Helideck Inspection (ICAO)

Coating and Painting Specialist

We provide painting and coating thickness test, consultancy and contracting site works.

Vinyl Flooring Specialist

We are vinyl fllooring specialist .