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Welcome to Le Management (2011) Pte Ltd


Le Management (2011) Pte Ltd

P 叻城管理顾问有限公司

Welcome to Le Management (2011) Pte Ltd. We were originally incorporated in 2011 in Singapore and are specializing in the supply of BCA RE-Resident Engineer, RTO-Resident Technical Officer, LTA PE Assignee-Professional Engineer Assignee, SCDF Fire Safety Manager (FSM), and licensed to carry out IMDA accredited underground cable detection works.

We are also a licensed BCA contractor (GB2) and registered contractor (CR). Not only we provide qualified construction of public house,  industry and civil works,  we also specialize  in vinyl flooring and waterproofing works

Our clients include the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (Singapore), BC KOH, KCL, CSTECH, Tiong Seng Contractor Pte Ltd, CNQC,  Merdeka,  BHCC, CHINA Construction, JPL, Yong Tai Construction, etc.

Contact us at our office at 91823106 82248216 (65)68010692(DID), 69192658 ,hotline:  (65) 82248216, Fax:  (65) 69192658 or  email: if you have any further inquiries.

·         UEN Reg No: 201630526D.

·         GST Reg No: 201630526D.

·         Bizsafe: Level 3

24 hours hotline: (65)  8224 8216

Open hour:

Monday to Saturday, 8am-6pm , closed on Sunday and Public holiday

Our Office address:

316 Tanglin Road 02-01,  Singapore 247978(clicking to link to google map)





Key Services Offered :

  • Provide BCA QSS, PE, RTO, RE consultancy service, see for details
  • Provide LTA PE ASSIGNEE consultancy service, see for detail
  • Provide SCDF FSM consultancy service, see for details
  • Provide IMDA Licensed CABLE DETECTION service, see for details
  • Provide building and civil engineering construction works including new constructing of private house, A&A and renovation work, see for details.
  • Provive Off-shore Helideck Consultacy, Certificatio, Survey, Inspection, Testing)


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BCA PE,RE,RTO Consultancy and Site Supervision

We provide professional engineer (PE), QSS, RE,RTO consultancy and site supervision.

LTA PE, PE ASSIGNEE, Site Supervisor Consultancy and Site Supervision

We provide quality LTA PE, QP(S), QP(D) and PE Assignee consultancy and site supervision

Construction & Building

We provide quality and licenced building works.


We are licensed SCDF Fire Safety Manager (FSM).

Painting and Coating Specialist

We provide specialist painting and coating consultancy and contracting works

Helideck Off-shore Testing (CAP: 437)

We are specialist to provide helicopter landing deck (friction test) and perimeter safety net (drop test) consultancy and off-shore testing as per CAP 437: Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas.

Our Core Services


Provide BCA QSS, PE, RTO, RE service.


Provide SCDF FSM service.


Provide IMDA licensed cable detection works


Provide LTA PE ASSIGNEE service.

Off-shore Helideck Consultant

Provide Helideck Consultancy, certification, survey, inspection and testing specialist (CAP 437, ICAO,IOGP, IAA)

Construction & Renovation

Construct erection of new building, waterproofing,coating,painting, repainting, vinyal flooring.

Question & Answer

What is PE?

PE is a professional Engineer.

What’s RE?

RE is a resident engineer.

What’s RTO?

RTO is a resident technical officer.

What’s PE Assignee?

PE Assignee is a professional engineer’s assignee.

What’s FSM?

FSM is a fire safety manager.

Latest News about our Industry


We are tendering FSM supervision works.

RTO Supervision

We had secured several RTO site supervision jobs.

LTA PE Assignee Service

We have a experienced PE assignee team to supervisie RPZ,SPZ and 1st reserve region lifting, hoisting, excavation, piling, concrete pump pourng etc.

Cable Detection

We are IMDA licensed TCDW.


We are lincensed contractor and builder to carry out construction works.